The National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year Success is committed to providing a positive experience for its members, both active and prospective; for its commercial partners and suppliers; and for the users of its website and other information outlets.  We are committed to ensuring your privacy and the security of your personal information.  To that end, the National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta has adopted the following Privacy Policy:

National Alpha Lambda Delta will collect personal information only from those persons desiring to secure membership in the Society or those desiring to enter into a commercial transaction with the Society.

National Alpha Lambda Delta will collect only the minimum information necessary to efficiently complete the transaction requested by an individual.

Alpha Lambda Delta’s National Website,, requires no individual to input personal or identifying information in order to access all pertinent information about the Society.

National Alpha Lambda Delta will never share personal or identifying information about its members, officers, or prospective members with any third party.

National Alpha Lambda Delta will take all reasonable measures necessary to ensure that any personal or identifying information collected and retained by the Society is secured against theft or invasion.  National Alpha Lambda Delta will further ensure that access to all personal and identifying information is limited to the officers and agents of Alpha Lambda Delta.

National Alpha Lambda Delta will never send unsolicited e-mail to any individual.  Note: Entering into membership with Alpha Lambda Delta, becoming an officer of a chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, or becoming a chapter adviser of Alpha Lambda Delta constitutes a relationship with Alpha Lambda Delta such that the National Office of Alpha Lambda Delta may see fit from time to time to communicate important information about the Society to the membership and its officers via e-mail.  Members who wish not to receive this important membership information may be removed from the pertinent mailing list by advising the National Office to that effect, via an e-mail message to

The local chapters of Alpha Lambda Delta are encouraged to develop and adopt a similar Privacy Policy, and advise their membership and campus community of any privacy initiative they choose to implement.