Institutional Benefits

  • Improved retention of exceptional students - Your high-achieving students will be more inclined to stay the course at your institution if they're recognized for their accomplishments early on in their collegiate career.

  • Leadership identification - Student members of Alpha Lambda Delta begin leadership roles as early as their sophomore year. This is a great way to identify your future campus leaders.

  • Increased community service - Alpha Lambda Delta chapters are among the most engaged and involved groups on campus. Every year, Alpha Lambda Delta chapters around the nation improve their campus and local communities through thousands of service projects.

Starting Your Alpha Lambda Delta Chapter

To charter a chapter, the institution must:

  1. Be a 4-year institution and currently accredited by a regional accrediting association

  2. Demonstrate support for a chapter from the institution's administration

  3. Appoint as chapter advisor a faculty or staff member who is committed to the tasks required for inviting eligible first-year students to become members

Please contact Executive Director Eileen Merberg (, 585.364.0840) to learn more about Alpha Lambda Delta and to express interest in starting a chapter, then download the New Chapter Petition Form.