For Alpha Lambda Delta apparel and promotional material, chapters are asked to purchase from the ALD Store. Alpha Lambda Delta has teamed up with Emerald Print to produce a line of Alpha Lambda Delta products, including t-shirts, hoodies, yoga and sweat pants, cell phone pockets, pens, note cards, stadium cups, balloons, buttons, and graduation regalia.

The store keeps a limited supply of each item, but rest assured if you want more than what’s in stock, an additional supply can be quickly produced. 

If there are items your chapter wishes to order that are not available in the store, let us know, and it might be something we can either begin to carry or special order just for your chapter. 

If you have a local vendor you’d like to use, please reference our Visual Identity Program, and check with Trish Maxwell in the National Office if you have questions.

Graduation regalia products are the most popular items sold in the store, especially honor cords. In fact, the ALD Store should be your ONLY source for honor cords and other regalia. These items were exclusively designed for National Alpha Lambda Delta and meet specific crest and color parameters. 

Each local chapter handles the purchase and distribution of honor cords differently. It’s a good idea to discuss it as a chapter before communicating the information to your graduating seniors. 

  1. Chapter builds the expense into their annual budget and purchases a cord for each student. Some chapters purchase and distribute cords to each new member, and the student hangs on to it until he/she graduates. Other chapters purchase cords just for graduating members and distribute to them in their senior year.

  2. Chapter collects funds each year from student members who are graduating, then purchases a cord for each student. You might also consider chapter funds for some of the cord order, and give as gifts to a select few, such as chapter officers.

  3. Leave the purchase of a cord to the student or their family member.

A benefit of the first two options is the shipping cost savings. It is more economical to deliver multiple or bulk cords rather than just one or two. Plus the price of cords goes down for orders of more than 10.

Feel free to get creative with a combination of the above options, such as a point system to encourage chapter involvement. Students earn points for attending meetings and events, and get a “free” cord (purchased by chapter). Those without enough points can purchase their own.

It’s important to let students know the plan. Oftentimes students or parents will purchase cords from the store, not knowing the chapter already purchased one. Returns can be a hassle.