This guide is developed to help you proactively communicate with your IT department and avoid issues in sending your MyHonorSociety (MHS) invitation. If you have any tech issues, please contact

Reach out to your IT department a few months in advance of your invitation being sent:

  • Notify them of the upcoming invitation
  • Be sure MHS' IP address and email address are whitelisted
  • Alert IT of the time frame you plan to send your invitations

It also may be helpful to send a reminder email a few days before.

MyHonorSociety Whitelist Information

  • IP Address:
  • Email From Address:

Email Delivery Information

The My Honor Society induction management system uses email as a primary means of communication with your members and invitees. Many colleges and universities are taking extreme measures to filter out unwanted messages from their email systems and protect their students and their networks. These filtering systems are incredibly advanced and complex, but as with any filtering system there can be false positives, and it's always possible that legitimate emails can be flagged as spam and therefore never reach your students, possibly without your knowledge.

My Honor Society uses a managed email relay service called Sendgrid to send transactional email. Sendgrid implements several forms of verification to ensure high levels of email delivery such as SPF records, DKIM signatures, whitelabeling, reverse-DNS and active IP reputation management. But even with all these deliverability measures in place, it's still possible MHS email may be flagged as spam and not reach your students.

To further reduce the chances that MHS emails might be flagged as spam by your institution's email server, we encourage you to contact your email system administrator and let them know you will be sending a batch of messages inviting students to join your society. With the information above, your email system administrators may be able to add an exception to their spam software to allow messages from our IP address or email address to be delivered successfully. If you need further assistance, contact