2016 Conference Program

Below you'll find the presentation resources from the 2016 conference. Please do not duplicate or distribute these materials; they are for the educational use of our members only.

10 Dumb Ideas Too Many Members Have About ALD Scholarships
Presented by Dr. Herman "Butch" Hill, Ohio University

Finding Your Inner Genius
Presented by Connie Aramento

Creating a National ALD Treasure: Determining the Clues to a Successful Creating of a Winning Order of the Torch / Maintaining the Flame
Presented by David Tindall from Oakland University, and David Kane from Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

How Do I Make My ALD Chapter at a Small School More Successful?
Presented by Dr. Sharon Emerson-Stonnell, Longwood University

Strategies for Running Productive Meetings: A Participatory Session
Presented by Dr. Marty Knepper and Jaclyn Arens from Morningside College
Running Effective Meeting handout; Effective ALD Chapter Meetings handout, Basic Parliamentary Procedure handout; Meeting Effectiveness handout; Officers and Advisors handout; Copy of How To Sheet for ALD handoutNotes from 10.29.16 handout

Embracing Conflict and Making It Constructive!
Presented by Dr. Karlea Brunelle-Joiner, Saint Anselm College
ALD Welcome handout, Behaviors that Help handout, Shoe / Perspective handout

Serve's Up
Presented by Dr. Linda Fair, Bachkhoa Nguyen, and Peter Phan from the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

Speaking Publicly with Purpose and Passion
Presented by Tracy Hart, Northern Kentucky University

Infusing Emotional Intelligence into Your Personal Leadership Philosophy
Presented by Dr. Carrie Arnold, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

Socials, Service Projects, and Fundraisers! Oh My! How to Plan Successful Events
Presented by Charlin Jones-Chavez, University of Texas at San Antonio

Leave the Judging to Judy: Embracing Differences
Presented by Trish Dillenbeck, Alpha Lambda Delta National Office

Strategies for Making Your Large Chapter Amazing
Presented by Lisa Ruch, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

#Hashtags, Memes, and Themes
Presented by Dr. Mari Nicholson-Preuss, University of Houston Downtown

Warning: This Presentation May Contain Icebreakers
Presented by David Kane from Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis, and Ahmad Awada from Oakland University

Improving Chapter Visibility
Presented by Anthony Helms and Madelyn Aittama, Western Michigan University

Sustaining Success
Presented by Erin Barnett, Finlandia University

Advisor Sessions

Leadership Transition Panel
Panelists: David Tindall from Oakland University, Dr. Susan Huffman from Purdue University, Lois Szudy from Otterbein University, and Lisa Ruch from IUPUI
Leadership Transition handout, Leadership Transition Checklist, Executive Board Transition Plan, Identifying a New Advisor handout

Recruiting New Members: Deliver Results!
Presented by Deborah Manzanarez, Baylor University
PresentationBest Practices handout; A Few More Ideas handout; Recurring Ideas handout; Baylor Invite Letter

Financial Management and Budgeting
Presented by Eileen Merberg, Alpha Lambda Delta National Office
Presentation; Financial Management handout