How much does it cost to join Alpha Lambda Delta?

National lifetime membership dues are $25.  In addition, your local chapter usually charges local dues.  The local chapter dues pay for chapter operating expenses (mailings, refreshments, service projects, and local scholarships).

What do the dues cover?

The national dues cover the cost of your membership certificate and a lapel pin.  In addition, you are eligible to compete for 36 undergraduate scholarships of $1,000 - $6,000, 26 graduate fellowships of $3,000 - $7,500, and 20 study abroad scholarships of $1,000 - $2,000.  

Can I lose membership in Alpha Lambda Delta if my grades drop?

No.  Although Alpha Lambda Delta encourages academic excellence throughout your collegiate career, once you have met the criteria for membership in Alpha Lambda Delta and have been initiated, your membership can not be taken away (unless you have been found in violation of your school's academic honesty policy).  ALD seniors who graduate with the required GPA (usually 3.5) may receive a senior certificate acknowledging their achievement. All members, no matter the GPA at the time of graduation, are allowed to wear ALD regalia, provided it is permissible by your institution.

Can I join both Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma?  What's the difference?

There is no conflict between membership in Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma; in fact, joining both honor societies will give you greater scholarship opportunities.  Both groups offer undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships.

The reason there are two honor societies for freshmen is that both were founded at the University of Illinois in 1923 and 1924 - one for women and one for men.  They remained single sex organizations until the mid 70's when Title IX came along and both became coeducational.  Both have grown nationally and agree not to compete on campuses where only one group exists.  There are over 40 campuses where both honor societies still exist (Ohio State, IUPUI, UCLA, Purdue - just to name a few).  If both exist on your campus, you have the privilege of joining both!  Congratulations!

I am a transfer student.  Am I eligible for membership?

Transfer students may be eligible for membership provided that they meet the requirements as stated:  a. Transfer students who attained eligibility for membership in an institution in which there is a chapter of this Society may be initiated during their first year of residence upon certification by their previous institutions. b. Freshman transfer students from institutions that do not have an Alpha Lambda Delta chapter, to be eligible for membership must have the required Alpha Lambda Delta grade point average on the courses taken during the first full curricular period in the institutions to which they transfer. In addition, the cumulative average of the student’s transfer credits combined with the grades in the institution in which the student is currently enrolled must equal the Alpha Lambda Delta academic grade requirement.

How much time commitment does Alpha Lambda Delta require?

None!  Be as involved as you want to be in Alpha Lambda Delta.  While we certainly encourage you to be active in your local chapter's activities, there's no national requirement for activity in your chapter.  You've already earned the grades, now accept the recognition!

Who is in charge of Alpha Lambda Delta on my campus?

Use our Chapter List page to find your chapter advisor.

What is the refund policy for Alpha Lambda Delta?

The National Office of Alpha Lambda Delta will refund the national dues provided the student requests a refund BEFORE their individual certificate has been processed.  The National Office leaves it up to the local chapter to determine their policy on the refund of local dues. 

Is Alpha Lambda Delta going to sell my contact information to other companies?

No!  Alpha Lambda Delta respects your privacy - we will never sell your private information to or share your private information with any third parties.  The National Office does not retain any of your personal information in our files.  For more information, read our Privacy Policy.