Institutional Benefits

  • Improved retention of exceptional students - Your high-achieving students will be more inclined to stay the course at your institution if they're recognized for their accomplishments early on in their collegiate career.
  • Leadership identification - Student members of Alpha Lambda Delta begin leadership roles as early as their sophomore year. This is a great way to identify your future campus leaders.
  • Increased community service - Alpha Lambda Delta chapters are among the most engaged and involved groups on campus. Every year, Alpha Lambda Delta chapters around the nation improve their campus and local communities through hundreds of service projects.

Four Steps to Starting a Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta

  1. Contact the National Office and learn about Alpha Lambda Delta
  2. Create a local chapter
  3. Petition for membership in Alpha Lambda Delta
  4. Hold your chapter's installation ceremony

1)  Contact the National Office

Contact Executive Director Eileen Merberg ( to express interest in starting a chapter. 

If your campus had a chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta before, the process for reactivating the chapter is far simpler than the process for creating a new chapter. Be sure to touch base with the National Office first or check the list of inactive chapters!

2)  Create a Local Chapter

Establish a local honor society (which will become your ALD chapter). The group should have:

  • The same eligibility requirements (3.5 GPA and full time enrollment) as Alpha Lambda Delta
  • A one-time fee of $25 to join national Alpha Lambda Delta
  • A Constitution for your chapter (samples are in the Petition Guide)
  • At least one (ideally two) advisors - faculty or staff
  • Official campus recognition (see your Student Life/Activities Office for this process)
  • Some mechanism for chapter finances (bank account, on- or off-campus)
  • An invitation to eligible students (these are your founding members and the students who sign the petition)

3)  Petition for Membership into Alpha Lambda Delta

As outlined in the Petition Guide, every petition is different but must contain:

  • Part I: Institutional Characteristics (basic information about your campus)
  • Part II: Local Chapter Characteristics (information about your local chapter and petitioning members' signatures)
  • Part III: Letters of Support (institutional president, chief academic officer, and chief student affairs officer)

Submit your petition to the Executive Director. The petition will be reviewed by the Expansion Committee. This process takes approximately two to three weeks.

4)  Hold Your Chapter's Installation Ceremony

After your petition is approved, Alpha Lambda Delta National Office will work with you to hold a special ceremony to formally install your chapter. An Installing Officer will attend your ceremony (National Office pays the expenses for this trip). Please note: There is a one time chartering fee of $50 to cover the costs of induction materials provided for the installation ceremony.

Things to consider while planning your installation event:

  • Some installation ceremonies are extremely formal (academic regalia) and some are less formal (business casual attire). Regardless of the formality you choose, it should be a special day for your chapter.
  • You will receive a script for the ceremony and will work with the National Office and your Installing Officer to prepare the program for the event.
  • Please consider hiring a photographer and/or designating a photographer for the event.

On the day of your ceremony, the Installing Officer will formally install your local chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, initiate your first group of members, and help you celebrate your new chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta.