“Overall, ALD has made me a better student, friend, listener, doer, and leader. I have found purpose and fulfillment by applying my curiosity, interpersonal skills, and intellectual vitality to the betterment of others. This community of scholars has revealed that I am an influential leader on campus – adding value by empowering others to be forces for good in the world both now and into the future.”
- Madison Boezinger, University of Southern California

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Trow - Daniels,Kaila - UCLA.jpg

“I find happiness in helping other people, bringing people together, and working toward causes that are bigger than me. ALD is one component of my life that has given me the opportunity to do all of these things.”
- Kaila Daniels, University of California Los Angeles

“ALD has allowed me to reignite my love for service through simply helping and learning from other people. ALD has given me a network of people who never cease to enthusiastically support me in all that I do. I have felt nothing but support from the truly remarkable people I get to work and learn alongside.”
- Jacob Genuise, University of Oklahoma

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“While abroad in Oslo, Norway I will conduct research to better understand the way nonprofits run in a socialist nation. The exposure to volunteerism that ALD provided has sparked my interest in nonprofits and will be a guiding factor during my time abroad.”
- Catherine Lemus, Western Michigan University

“ALD has served as a leadership stepping-stone, an opportunity to give back to our community which has already given us so much and created an environment which promotes the idea of academic excellence among its members and their peers. I can truly say I have grown as a person and an academic during my tenure in this great organization.”
- Daniel Cooper, Transylvania University

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Fellowship - Paul,Shejuti - UAB.jpg

“Through ALD, I found a highly motivated special group of young people who encouraged each other to excel academically, support each other, and to give back to their community. The friendships I made through ALD continue to be some of the closest and most meaningful of my life.”
- Shejuti Paul, University of Alabama at Birmingham