Welcome to Alpha Lambda Delta’s Media Kit! We hope you find this helpful in marketing Alpha Lambda Delta at your campus.

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If you have any questions about promoting your chapter, please reach out. We are here to help!

Director of Communication
Trish Maxwell

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Logos & Brand

Information about the usage of ALD name, logos, colors, and font can be found on our Visual Identity Program.

If you are using the ALD name/crest to work with your own printer, please keep the National Office in the loop. We can also provide an authorization letter and an EPS file for your printer/vendor.

Given Alpha Lambda Delta is trademarked, any person or entity not directly affiliated with Alpha Lambda Delta who is looking to use the ALD images shall contact trish@nationalald.org prior to the use of our logos.

Full Color Crest - This is ALD’s full color crest. The PNG file has a transparent background.

Gray-scale Crest - This is ALD’s crest, formatted in gray-scale for black/white printing. The PNG file has a transparent background.

Monochromatic Crest - This is ALD’s crest, formatted for a one-color print (black). The PNG file has a transparent background.

Chapter Letterhead - If you are looking to send official correspondence from your chapter, you may use our chapter letterhead. If you’d like assistance personalizing the letterhead, please email trish@nationalald.org (may take up to a week, so please plan accordingly).
BW Letterhead, Color Letterhead

ALD Official Colors - ALD’s official colors are maroon and gold. Chapters are authorized to use other colors if they so choose.
Maroon - Alpha Lambda Delta’s Primary Color
Hex #800000
RBG 128,0,0
CMYK 0,100,100,50

Gold - Alpha Lambda Delta’s Secondary Color
Hex #FFAB00
RGB 255,171,0
CMYK 0,33,100,0

ALD Preferred Fonts - Our preferred fonts are listed below. Chapters may choose any font they wish to use; the National Office asks that any chosen font be professional and reflective of a national honor society promoting excellence.
Garamond Premier Pro Semibold (if not, use Rooney Web [bold] or Minion Pro [bold])
Proxima Nova (if not, use Proxima Nova Rg or Myriad Pro)

ALD Quick Facts

Did you know ALD has a 75th anniversary history book? Check out the book, and a brief history, at www.nationalald.org/history.

Founded in 1924 at the University of Illinois by Dean of Women Maria Leonard.

ALD’s mission is to encourage superior academic achievement among students in their first year in institutions of higher education, to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society.

280 Chapters nationwide and ALD is continuing to expand and grow. Each year’s founding date is located on the chapter list with the location and advisor(s).

Nationally Certified Honor Society - ALD is a certified member of the Association of College Honor Societies, the group that sets the standards for national honor society excellence and serves as the only certifying agency for college and university honor societies in the nation.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, ALD achieved the Gold Seal of Transparency on GuideStar, the agency that gathers and disseminated information about every IRS-registered non-profit organization.

Scholarships - We offer 96 scholarships annually totaling $211,000. The Trow Scholarships support undergraduate education, the Stemler Scholarships help fund study abroad experiences, and Graduate Fellowships to assist members pursuing advanced degrees.
Jo Anne J. Trow Undergraduate Scholarships
James G. Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships
Graduate Fellowships

National Leadership - ALD is led by the National Council (our board of directors) which is comprised of a National President, two Vice Presidents, four Professional Members-at-Large, and three Student-Members-at-Large.
Meet the National Council

National Office Staff - The National Office is run by an Executive Director. The ED employs a Director of Communication, Bookkeeper/Executive Assistant, and an Office Assistant.
Meet the National Office


Free Publications Offered by the National Office

Membership brochures, study guide tip sheets, ALD decals, and “Got Brains?” decals are available for order on the Publications Order Form.

If your chapter is interested in participating in the recruitment postcard, email trish@nationalald.org.

Senior books may be ordered on the Senior Book Award page.

Senior certificates can be ordered by the chapter only, through the Senior Certificate Order Form.

Membership Brochure - ALD’s membership brochure is aimed at those students who have been invited to ALD.

Study Guide Tip Sheet - The study guide tip sheet promotes academic excellence (and ALD) and is great to distribute at orientations, student involvement fairs, and other tabling events.

ALD Decals - We have a limited supply of laptop decals with the ALD crest. Decals can be handed out to current members as a way of promoting the ALD brand on campus.

Got Brains Decals - We also have a limited supply of laptop decals with “Got Brains?” and the ALD website. Decals can be handed out to current or prospective members as a way of promoting ALD on campus.

Recruitment Postcard - New this year, the National Office is offering to send a postcard home to assist our chapters with their membership recruitment. For more information, please contact trish@nationalald.org.

Senior Book - Each chapter is entitled to one free Maria Leonard Senior Book award. Additional books (with bookplates) can be purchased through the office.

Senior Certificates - Chapters may choose to honor the seniors who have maintaining the 3.5 GPA required for eligibility with senior certificates.

Online Resources

ALD has several helpful guides and documents to assist chapters in their day-to-day operations.

Chapter Resources Library - The Chapter Resources Library was designed for advisors and officers looking for administrative assistance in running their chapters. It includes:

Chapter List - Our online chapter list is organized both alphabetically and by state. Each chapter’s list includes their institution name, location, the date founded, and advisor name and email.

Conference Resources - All educational session resources from the National Leadership Conferences are available online for DC 2016, Phoenix 2017, and Cincinnati 2018.

Social Media Resources

Please remember the National ALD account should be the only “Alpha Lambda Delta” on social media. We ask that our chapters identify themselves in their handles (ex: “Alpha Lambda Delta at RU” or “RochesterALD”).

Don’t forget to tag @nationalald in your posts so we can comment and share as well!

Chapter Examples - See what some of our chapters are doing on social media!

Facebook: Baylor, Kent State, USC, WVU
Instagram: IUPUI, Memphis, UTSA, WMU
Twitter: UC, UCONN, NSU, Oklahoma

Beginner’s Guide to Social Media - This resource guide serves as a “Social Media 101” for users not familiar with social media but looking to start a presence.

Need some free stock photos or videos?
Try Pixabay or FreeImages.

Wondering what to post on each social media platform? Check out this article by Buffer.

Websites to assist you in social media content management and design:

Hootsuite - This online social media content management platform allows you to link your chapter’s social media accounts and schedule posts ahead of time.
Free version available

Canva - This design platform allows you to create beautiful posts for social media. Choose from hundreds of backgrounds and images for your texts. You can also design brochures, infographics, presentations, and other publications.
Free version available

Adobe Spark - Adobe Spark allows you to create posts or videos to promote on social media. It also allows you to create a brand (color scheme, text, etc.) so all your posts can have a similar look and feel.
Free version available