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About the Fellowships

Alpha Lambda Delta awards one $7,000 fellowship, one $5,000 fellowship, eight $4,000 fellowships, and sixteen $2,000 fellowships. These fellowships have been established to help qualified members obtain graduate or professional degrees. Candidates will be considered on the basis of merit. Fellowship recipients will be announced in April 2020.


Any initiated member of Alpha Lambda Delta who has maintained a 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale) cumulative grade point average through graduation is eligible to apply. Members graduating this year may apply if they have achieved this average at the end of the first semester (or first quarter) of the current year. In determining the average of eligibility, the decimal point must be a .5 or above, not a .49 or any other average less than a .5. Selection will be based on academic records, recommendations submitted, essay questions, and campus and community activities.

Fellowship Stipulations

  • Acceptance of the fellowship obliges the recipient to begin and complete the year of study outlined in the application. The recipient must be enrolled full-time and must be working toward an advanced degree.

  • Any request by a recipient for an exception to the previously stated will be directed to the ALD National Office.

  • A fellowship will not be awarded for travel outside of the United States (unless the funds are to be paid to a college/university in the United States), or for independent research or study.

Responsibilities of the Recipient

  • Notify ALD National Office promptly of the acceptance of the fellowship.

  • Upon registration, send your enrollment verification to the ALD National Office. Fellowship funds will be sent directly to the recipient's university.


Q: I am currently enrolled in a 5 (or 6) year program that will result in a bachelor's and master's (or doctorate) degree. Can I still apply?
A: Yes, as long as you are a full-time student working towards a graduate degree, you can apply for a Fellowship. 

Q: I am already enrolled in a graduate program and my GPA is lower than 3.5. However, my undergraduate GPA was above a 3.5. Can I apply for a Fellowship?
A: Yes, as long as you maintained a minimum 3.5 cumulative grade point average through graduation from your undergraduate institution.

Q: Does the fellowship apply towards tuition only or can it also be applied towards room/board, books, fees, etc.?
A: The funds are to defray college expenses.  At the point that the student has fully paid tuition and fees for the term, the monies will be given to the student to defray other college expenses. Note that all Fellowship checks are sent to the graduate institution, so any remaining funds after tuition and fees are sent from the graduate school, not Alpha Lambda Delta.

Q: Does my undergraduate chapter have to be active at the time I apply?
A: While we never like to see chapters go inactive, you are a lifetime member and so can apply for a Graduate Fellowship at any time, no matter the status of your undergraduate chapter. 

Q: Can official transcripts be delivered via email directly from the university?
A: Yes, if sent through a secure link and/or directly from the Registrar.

Q: Do you need official transcripts of my test scores (GRE, MCAT, LSAT, etc.)?
A: If you have test scores, we do need a copy of them. We do not require official test score transcripts (although we certainly will accept them). Unofficial copies of your test scores will be accepted.

Q: I work a full-time job, and will be enrolled in a course this upcoming summer and then six hours in the fall. Will that be acceptable for the purposes of the scholarship next year?
A: Yes. Summer and winter courses typically count toward fall and spring, respectively.