Did your chapter use the My Honor Society (MHS) system to invite and register new members into Alpha Lambda Delta during the 2018-19 academic year? *
Which statement best describes your messaging during your recruitment process? *
We know managing ALD is one of your MANY responsibilities. Would you like the National Office to manage MHS and your invitation for you? *
Did you send a mailing home? *
Regarding a mailing home: *
In Spring 2019, ALD began a new campaign to assist chapters in sending a mailing home. The chapter provides the list of names and mailing addresses, and the National Office coordinates and finances a postcard mailing. The postcards are sent to all invited students and has the school name and individualized MHS invitation code printed.
Please indicate in dollars and cents.
Please indicate in dollars and cents.
Where does your chapter maintain its funds? *
Does your chapter offer any local scholarships? *
Please indicate in dollars and cents.
We'd like to recognize these students on our national website.
Please indicate the quantity desired for ALD's publications for the 2019-20 academic year. Quantities will be confirmed one month prior to sending (in case you need to change your numbers). Photos of each publication are available on the ALD Media Kit (www.nationalald.org/mediakit).
This brochure is targeted for students who have been invited to join Alpha Lambda Delta. ALD Membership Brochures can be shipped to you any time during the year.
This handout is targeted for any student and can be used at orientations, student organization fairs, and general tabling. ALD Study Guide Sheets can be shipped to you any time during the year.
These decals are designed for general members and can be handed out at inductions or member meetings. ALD decals can be shipped to you any time during the year.
Each new member receives an email with the link to the Flame magazine shortly after induction. If you'd like printed Flame postcards to distribute as well, please indicate the quantity. Postcards will be sent in early February.
This indicates the number of printed magazines you would like. Chapters are limited to 10 printed copies. Magazines will be sent with the postcards in early February. Please note: The National Office already reserves copies for the scholarship winners. You do not need to include them in your count.
Name of person completing report *
Name of person completing report
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