Student Spotlight

Maria Victoria Alonso Arroyo
University of Texas at San Antonio

Maria is a political science major from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She is the inaugural recipient of the UTSA chapter's “Alpha Lambda Delta first year of excellence scholarship.” Maria has been an active member for the entire spring semester. She has participated in game nights, Rodeo night, Rowdy Gras, and has been a recurring member at her chapter’s meetings. When selecting the winner of the scholarship, the names of the applicants were kept anonymous. The officers chose Maria, because her essay had the most heart, passion, and when the officers read it, they felt like they were walking with her through her first year of college.   

Advisor Spotlight

Andre-Philippe White
Montclair State University

Andre-Philippe White has been the chapter advisor at Montclair State University for 6 years. Under Andre-Philippe’s leadership, membership numbers have been consistent, and he is always a pleasure to work with from a National Office perspective. Chapter President Kristyna Lynch said, “Andre is truly invested in guiding students toward reaching their full potential both within Alpha Lambda Delta and beyond. He demonstrates an unwavering commitment to our students and campus. He provides our officers with enough support to succeed and enough independence to grow.” President-Elect Jillian Royal added, “Andre has been an outstanding advisor for the Montclair State chapter of ALD. Andre does not take a backseat monitoring position, but actively contributes to all of our endeavors, and he always does it with a smile. It has been an honor to be able to work with him.”

Program Spotlight

Candy Grams
McDaniel College

Twice a semester (before midterm and final exams in the Fall, and before midterm and final exams in the Spring), the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at McDaniel College runs an activity called “Candy-Grams”. The chapter joins together to assemble small Ziploc bags full of candy including motivating notes written by members. When assembly is completed, the ALD members head to the library, study rooms and academic classrooms to distribute the Candy-Grams and spread some positivity to the hard-working students! ALD chapter members get the chance to spend time together, while also participating in a fun service activity. Candy-Grams is the most popular and well-attended activity among McDaniel ALD members, and it is widely known as the most fun events of the year!