Officer Position Descriptions


  • Presiding officer
  • Helps to create an interest in ALD among members and prospective members
  • Maintains good communication between officers, advisors, and members
  • Should be aware of all facets of Alpha Lambda Delta

Vice President

  • Works closely with the president in planning and executing all chapter business
  • Should be knowledgeable in how the organization operates
  • Takes over the president's responsibilities should the president be unable to do so.


  • Handles all correspondence and records
  • Keeps clear, accurate reports
  • Is very organized


  • Handles the financial affairs of the chapter
  • Keeps accurate records
  • Pays bills on time
  • Works with the president to prepare the annual financial report


  • Keeps the records of activities of the chapter
  • Should keep the records attractive and informative


  • Serves as the liaison between the chapter and the national editor
  • Contributes news of chapter activities to the local campus media
  • Distributes copies of The Flame to members.


  • Maintains the chapter website
  • Keeps a working electronic communication medium - listserv or mailing list - of members

Junior and Senior Advisors

  • Aid the administrative and faculty advisors in the operation on the chapter