The National Council offers 36 Jo Anne J. Trow Undergraduate Scholarships of $1,000-$6,000 each. Applications for this undergraduate scholarship will be made available to chapters via the national website.  The number of applications that may be submitted is based on last year's initiation numbers. Chapters with less than 150 new members may submit one application; chapters initiating 150-299 members may submit two applications; and chapters initiating 300+ members may submit three applications. The chapter finalists must be submitted on or before April 1. Scholarship recipients will be selected in late June and announced in July. Scholarships are awarded to selected Alpha Lambda Delta members for their junior year of college. More information can be found here

The James G. Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships are awarded to offset the expense of studies abroad for eligible members of Alpha Lambda Delta. There are ten $1,000 scholarships and ten $2,000 scholarships. The number of applications that may be submitted is based on last year's initiation numbers. Chapters with less than 150 new members may submit one application; chapters initiating 150-299 members may submit two applications; and chapters initiating 300+ members may submit three applications. Applications must be submitted to the National Office by February 15 and will be announced in April. More information can be found here

Note about Trow and Stemler Scholarships: Chapters need to create a process to screen applicants at the local chapter level. Campus chapters should form a Scholarship Committee (suggested composition: Advisor, previous chapter president, and one or two junior/senior members of the chapter). Set deadlines early enough to allow time to review the applications and select the applicants to be considered by the national selection committees.

Alpha Lambda Delta offers 26 Graduate Fellowships each year, ranging in value from $3,000 to $7,500. Any member of Alpha Lambda Delta who is a graduating senior or who has already graduated is eligible to apply. Applications are due directly to the National Office by January 31. More information can be found here


The Order of the Torch Award is given annually to outstanding chapters on the basis of the application, which is a scrapbook describing programs and overall excellence. In addition to the banner awarded to the chapter, a $500 travel grant is awarded for attending the annual leadership conference. More information can be found here.

Chapters who are awarded the Order of the Torch are ineligible to apply for the award for the next three years. To reward chapters that have continued to excel in programming, activities, and service, the National Council bestows the Maintaining the Flame Award to chapters during the three years that they are not eligible to apply for the Order of the Torch. Winners receive a pin to affix to their Order of the Torch banner. 

An Outstanding Advisor Award is presented to a chapter advisor selected by a sub-committee of the National Council. Chapter officers may submit an application to nominate their advisor by January 31. Nominations forms are available in October each year, and can be found here.


Honorary Membership may be awarded by a chapter to faculty members or administrative staff who have given exceptional service to the chapter or the campus community. There is no charge to the chapter.

Senior Certificates may be given to all graduating Alpha Lambda Delta members who have the cumulative grade point average required for Alpha Lambda Delta membership after the first grading period of the senior year. These certificates may be obtained without charge from the National Office. The chapter may have the names printed on the Senior Certificates or the National Office will print the names. A minimum of two weeks is required for printing and mailing.

The Senior Book Award is presented to the graduating Alpha Lambda Delta senior who has the highest cumulative grade point average after the first grading period of the senior year. Chapters can request the Senior Book Award on the national website; each chapter may request one book at no charge.  In the case of a tie, the chapter may purchase additional books through the National Office. Chapters may also choose to donate the book to the institution’s library, in honor of the awardee(s).

A Certificate of Meritorious Service may be given by a chapter to a person other than a currently enrolled student who has given outstanding service to the chapter over an extended period of time upon approval by the Executive Director. Such certification may be obtained from the Executive Director upon request by a chapter presenting credentials of the prospective awardee and reasons for the presentation of the award. The certificate shall be signed by the chapter president and the Executive Director.

Materials Available

Brochures highlighting information about Alpha Lambda Delta are available at no charge from the National Office. The brochures are intended for use in recruiting eligible students as members and provide helpful information for prospective members.

Doorhangers are designed to promote ALD to new or incoming students. They can be used in residence halls, student centers, or included in new student packets at Orientation. Be sure to check with appropriate campus personnel to see if they are allowed and/or request permission to hang them.

The Flame is the official online magazine of Alpha Lambda Delta. A limited number of printed copies are available for each chapter, and post cards advertising the online publication are available in any quantity requested. Chapters are encouraged to highlight themselves each year in The Flame; information on submitting chapter spotlights is available in October of each year and due November 15. 

Orders will be solicited by the National Office in September of each year. However, all three items can be requested anytime using the Publications Order Form

ALD apparel and other promotional items are available for purchase from the ALD Store. Alpha Lambda Delta has teamed up with Emerald Print to produce an extensive line of Alpha Lambda Delta products, including t-shirts, hoodies, yoga and sweat pants, cell phone pockets, pens, note cards, stadium cups, balloons, and buttons. Also available are all official graduation regalia products, including honor cords, stoles, and medallions. See

National Leadership Conference

Each year, the National Office sponsors a National Leadership Conference. This weekend conference rotates each year from East Coast, to Midwest, to West Coast, to facilitate student attendance. The focus of the weekend is on developing student leadership skills and increasing student knowledge of Alpha Lambda Delta and its programs. Attendance is limited to two students and one advisor from each chapter. More information can be found at here