To become a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Enrolled full-time at an institution that has an active chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta

  • Earned a 3.5 grade point average or higher your first semester or first year (time frame determined by chapters)

  • Should also rank in the top 20% of your class

If you have already received an invitation, you are eligible! Members are typically invited during their first year.

Benefits of Joining Alpha Lambda Delta

Lifetime Membership

One-time fee for life. National dues are only $25 to keep your costs low. Chapters typically add local dues for campus programming and service projects.

Resume Builder

Simply being a member of Alpha Lambda Delta is a great resume-builder. Students who get involved in their chapters add even more value to their resume.

Scholarships & Fellowships

Over $207,000 is awarded each year to our members in scholarship money to help fund undergraduate education, study abroad experiences, and graduate study.

Community Service

Alpha Lambda Delta chapters give back to their campuses and communities through various service projects coordinated by our members.


Be recognized for your hard work and academic accomplishments! Alpha Lambda Delta members are highlighted at graduation with honor cords.

Meet Other Top-Achievers

Alpha Lambda Delta is a great way to meet other students committed to academic excellence. Our students build close friendships and frequently refer to their "ALD family."

Federal Benefits of Membership

The U.S. Civil Service Commission (now U.S. Office of Personnel Management) stated, “Membership in a national honor society meets one of the requirements for entrance at the GS-7 level in numerous professional and technical occupations in the Federal service.” College graduates with a Bachelor’s degree and without previous experience can expect to start in the GS 5 grade, unless they meet the criteria for Superior Academic Achievement or finished a year of graduate school, but did not receive a degree, in which case they will start at the GS-7 level. This affords a very tangible acknowledgement that organizations maintaining honor society standards merit distinction. Read more here.

Testimonials from Current Members

"Something I have always noticed in ALD members is how they welcome the challenge of being held to a higher standard--whether in academia, campus leadership, or serving others. In this increasingly fast-paced world, it is encouraging to know that college students understand the importance of putting others before themselves, and doing all that they can to make a difference in this world."
- Natasha Hongsermeier, Morningside College

"ALD has made such an impact on my college career. Through ALD I have gained experience in areas that otherwise wouldn't have been possible. On a national level, ALD provided me with a scholarship that helped me study abroad in Germany for a month last summer. On a local level, my chapter of ALD has built and honed my leadership skills, and through the organization I have met some of my best friends."
- David Kane, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis 

"My time with Alpha Lambda Delta has taught me that the hard work and collaboration of young people can bring about meaningful social change. ALD has fostered my love for service and has taught me to be a more compassionate, socially-conscious individual. Without ALD, I would not be the person I am today."
- William Covington, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

"Alpha Lambda Delta has impacted my life tremendously. Ever since my induction into the honor society I have been more confident in my academics and in my leadership. Being recognized by your colleagues as a freshman because of your academic achievements instills a confidence in you that you can build upon in your collegiate future."
- Darius Williams-McKenzie, Penn State - Altoona

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