Recruitment Tips

Advice from Members of ALD's National Council

  • Send a letter or postcard home. This will congratulate the family, invite them to the induction, and refer them to the MHS invitation to accept membership. If your chapter does not have the funds to do this, please contact for assistance.
  • Host a few information sessions. Be sure to vary the day, time, and location. Having the chapter advisor(s) and officers present is crucial for answering ALD questions.
  • Send at least two reminder emails through MHS. These can be automated in advance through MyHonorSociety.
  • Host information tables in the student union. This raises visibility, but also provides students who may have received the invitation the opportunity to ask questions about ALD.
  • Speak about ALD in Freshman Seminar classes. Let them know about ALD, and when invitations will be sent. Though these classes are typically held in the fall, the spring is a great time to start strategizing how to get into these classes to discuss ALD.
  • Chalk sidewalks. Most campuses allow student groups to use sidewalk chalk - and it’s a great marketing tool, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • Hold an event and include food. If you feed them, they will come! Pizza, coffee, cookies - they are all great incentives to get students to swing by for a bite... and some information about ALD.
  • Make and show a slideshow on the Top 10 Reasons to Join ALD. Need some help on developing those reasons? Ask your chapter officers! You may also contact for ideas.
  • Personally contact students who have not yet responded. Break up the list between advisors and officers, and try a personal outreach to these students.