Behind the Scenes at the National Office

My name is Charlotte Passero. I am a student, chapter officer, and employee of Alpha Lambda Delta.

In the fall, I will be entering my senior year and serving as the chapter President at the State University of New York at Fredonia. I’ve been highly involved in ALD since my induction in October of 2014; first as just a participating member, then as Vice President, and now as President. I currently serve as a student assistant in the National Office!

So you may be thinking; what exactly happens at the National Office? That was a question I had myself right before I started working here at the beginning of summer. And the answer is everything!

The three dedicated staff members of the National Office work year-round to keep this organization going! Driven by the direction established by the National Council, these three staff members are the real masterminds behind ALD, with a little help from the student assistants, of course.

Here, we do everything from managing a membership database with over 1 million lifetime members to printing thousands of membership certificates by hand. We also design the official ALD brochures and create handbooks for chapter officers and advisors. The National Office’s responsibilities also include the coordination of ALD events like the National Council Meeting and the National Leadership Conference (which will be in Washington D.C. this year). Even the desserts for the Leadership Conference three months from now are picked out! Every detail is meticulously coordinated with much thought. Being a student employee in the summer, during the office’s “off-season,” I can’t imagine the huge projects that take place during the academic year!

Since ALD has played such an important role in my college career, one of my favorite parts of the job is to share my thoughts and opinions with the National Office. My perspective as an active member and officer allows me to help make decisions that I’ll see in action at my own chapter in Fredonia!

This summer, working at the National Office has made me appreciate the tedious work done that allows chapter officers and advisors to run the chapters effectively and efficiently. I’m excited to bring a new perspective gained from National Alpha Lambda Delta back to Fredonia’s chapter this fall. I’m equally as excited to continue the tradition of hardworking, enthusiastic, and passionate student leaders in ALD.