Why a Blog?

Written by:
Trish Dillenbeck, Director of Communication for Alpha Lambda Delta

As I started discussing this blog and sharing the idea of having an ALD blog for officers and advisors, I received a lot of support. It was clear that many advisors and officers are looking for a forum to discuss the various things happening in their chapters - from leadership to events to social media, as well as providing a space to share ideas, tips, and tricks. 

With this great support came a lot of questions, a lot of very good questions that I'm sure you're asking yourself. So I'll share three of them with you to help you understand the blog and how it can function.

What are you going to put on here, and how often will you post?
We will aim to post a blog entry about every other week. We will do our best to time the blogs with things you may be experiencing - planning successful programs, getting ready for the conference, preparing for your induction ceremony, etc. This blog should serve as an additional resource for you and your chapter.

Can people comment on the blog entries?
Yes. We have enabled the "Comments" option, so you can offer your thoughts, ideas, or strategies in addition to whatever the writer has posted. Many chapters have asked for a space to increase dialogue between chapters: this is designed to be that space. We ask that all comments be constructive and polite. They will not be edited, but, if they are inappropriate or harmful, they will be removed. 

Who can write for the blog? And do I have to write for the blog?
Any ALD advisor, officer, or student member can write for the blog. No one will ever be assigned to write, but I may email you with an idea to see if you are interested. There's never any pressure to write for the blog, but always an open invitation for you to assist.

If you have ideas for the blog you'd like to share, please contact me at trish@nationalald.org. I'd love to feature you as a writer, and I'm sure you have a lot to share with your fellow ALD colleagues.

Thank you for reading.