ALD Conference from an Advisor's Perspective

Written by
Olof Thordardottir, advisor at Kent State University

I have attended many higher education conferences in the past but last year was my first conference for Alpha Lambda Delta. I was not sure what to expect in regards to structure, session content, how to prepare or even if the conference would be beneficial to me as a brand new ALD advisor (a fresh 1.5 months to be exact). After attending the conference I can confidently say that I learned more than I expected and felt much more prepared to take on my first year as ALD advisor. There were sessions for new and seasoned advisors so I never felt overwhelmed or behind. I liked that there were sessions geared specifically towards advisors and others specifically towards students. My student and I found this allowed us to get different perspectives and even more information to bring back home. My student and I both came back with new knowledge and great ideas to implement.

Along with a well-organized and informative conference, the conference staff and fellow ALD advisors were very friendly and welcoming. I did not know any other ALD advisors prior to the conference but there were so many opportunities to mingle and to get to know the ALD staff, other advisors and students. I highly recommend attending the ALD advisor meeting on the first day!

I am even more excited for this year’s conference because I now have a year of experience under my belt. I have a better understanding of ALD and my role as advisor, so I can better select the conference sessions I attend. I am also very excited to have the opportunity to have discussions with other advisors and conference staff on how the past year went and how we can improve for next year.